Erlanger Stroke Services partners with East Brainerd Elementary

The Southeast Regional Stroke Center at Erlanger is honoring its second year partnering with East Brainerd Elementary School with a new element in teaching 5th grade students the signs and symptoms of stroke.

In December 2014 medical specialists from Erlanger’s stroke program visited the students for an informational session on stroke awareness.  The goal of the program is to educate this particular age group the signs and symptoms of stroke so they have a better understanding of the condition, know the importance of staying healthy, and remembering the key points to discuss with their own family members.  Both school officials and medical specialists hope this initiative will help save lives for years to come.

The program also included a poster contest so children could relay the information they learned through artwork.  The artwork will be displayed at Erlanger so all visitors will also learn from their creativity.

On Tuesday, January 13, the students at East Brainerd Elementary will have the opportunity to see Erlanger’s air medical program and a key component for emergency stroke services, LIFE FORCE, up close as the helicopter lands (weather and flight permitting) at the school and the crew announces the winners of the poster contest.  The winners will also have the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with LIFE FORCE crew members during lunch.

Education specialists at Erlanger’s Stroke Services are planning to extend this program to other 5th grade classes in the region and look forward to partnering with other schools such as Stone Creek Elementary in Georgia and Battle Elementary in Chattanooga in the near future to spread the word about stroke awareness.

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